Eighteen wheels beneath you. One great company behind you.

Working as an Owner Operator for Swift is the perfect way to build a great career for the long haul. As the leader in the truckload industry, Swift is able to give you the support you need to run your own business out on the road.

What it's like

Driving a truck for Swift offers more freedom. Swift offers an unbeatable combination of freedom and support for your career as an Owner Operator.

Lease Programs

Here is where you'll learn more about the win/win leasing programs that Swift and Interstate Equipment Leasing have put together for our drivers.

Pay and Benefits

As the truckload leader, Swift offers you the miles to make more money. And Swift's benefits for Owner Operators are among the best in the business.

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Driver Leasing Programs

Since January of 1994, the Swift Owner Operator Division has grown from less than 100 trucks to over 4,000! Our growth and success to date are proof that Swift Transportation Co., Inc. and Interstate Equipment Leasing have put a win/win program together for our drivers. The following information is an overview of our programs, including requirements for contracting a truck from outside of Swift.

Interstate Equipment Lease Purchase Program offers a wide variety of new and used trucks. Call a recruiter today for details at 1-866-679-6132.

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Prostar Skyrise
Warranty Information
  • 3 years or 450,000 miles
  • Powertrain: 5 years or 750,000 miles
Options Upon Lease Completion
  • Purchase the tractor for the residual balance plus applicable sales tax less mileage charge and security deposit. All drivers must qualify for financing through Interstate Equipment Leasing.
  • Trade for a new unit.
  • Cash out for trade equity.
  • Mileage Charge: Loaded, empty and unauthorized deadhead miles in excess of 11,000 a month will be calculated @ $0.09 cpm, and assessed to the Owner Operator's settlement on a monthly basis. NOTE: This is a deductible expense.
No Trade Options Prior to Lease Completion

If you choose to either refinance your lease or trade early through an outside dealer, your buyout will be subject to a prepayment penalty!

At Swift, our Owner Operators are a vital part of our success as an organization.

As such, we provide the kind of support and compensation to enable us to maintain positive, long-term relationships with these valuable professionals. We strive to treat our Owner Operators not merely as contractors, but as partners in the success of Swift Transportation.

Swift offers its Owner Operators an excellent compensation package and access to a full range of benefits. On the road, Swift maintains clean, full-service terminals throughout the country. These locations serve as your home away from home. Swift also provides access to all company Service Departments and outside vendors for tractor repair issues.

To join Swift as an Owner Operator, you must meet the below requirements:

Interstate Equipment Leasing Lease Eligibility Requirements for a Current Driver Employed by Swift
  • The first seat driver must have at least six months of verifiable over-the-road experience with Swift Transportation from their solo start date.
  • Minimum monthly mileage average of 10,000 for past four months.
  • Must meet all driver safety requirements, including log compliance/electronic logs.
  • No DWI or DUI convictions within the past five years.
  • No major preventable accidents within the past twelve months and cannot be on probation.
Required Driving Record
  • Must possess a valid Class "A" CDL.
  • No DWI or DUI convictions within the past five years.
  • No major preventable accidents within the past twelve months.
  • No reckless driving convictions in the last three years and NEVER in a commercial vehicle.
  • Able to pass a DOT physical and drug test.
Maximum Speed Limit
  • 68 mph for Owner Operators.
  • 65 mph for Owner Operator mentors.
Eligibility Requirements for an Owner Operator not Employed by Swift
  • Must be at least 21 years old.
Tractor Requirements
  • The truck cannot be older than 6 years, 3-axle with sleeper and sliding fifth wheel, and prefer low-profile tires. Maximum (WB 265) wheelbase; maximum weight- 22,000 lbs. with fuel. Your tractor must pass a DOT 1 level inspection.
Truck Insurance
  • Physical damage insurance—available at 2.5% per $1,000.00 of truck value.
  • Non-trucking liability insurance—available through Swift at $5.77 per week.
  • Occupational Accident per Hazard insurance—available at $32.31 or $45.00 per week.
  • Insurance is available through the Company or you have the option of using your own insurance. Your insurance policy must comply with our Company requirements.
  • Insurance subject to a deductible.

The Miles to Make More Money and Benefits Among the Best in the Business.

At Swift, we are committed to providing our Owner Operators with a highly competitive compensation package.

Swift is excited to announce a new owner operator pay package featuring mileage bands for our over the road drivers.

Depending on the length of your dispatch the bands will pay between $.92 and $2.35 per loaded mile. Keep in mind, that Swift will also add your loyalty pay to every mileage band in addition to the rates below. Please read on for the details.

Swift values its owner operator fleet and wants to see it grow, so we studied how to make it happen. We found that our historical compensation system of one loaded rate for any length of haul was trapping our owners in just the long haul loads. The industry trend is toward shorter trips. Customers are building distribution centers 500 miles apart instead of 1,000 miles apart. The railroads are cutting prices and handling more and more of the long haul freight. Today’s truckload freight reality is shorter miles. Because there is only a limited amount of long haul freight, we had to find a way to help our owners succeed with all of Swift’s freight. This move to banded pay should give you more options to work within Swift’s entire freight basket.

Swift Owner Operator Compensation Rates:
Loaded Mileage[1] Loaded Rate/mile effective 7/2/12
0-24 $2.35
25-99 $1.60
100-149 $1.08
150-199 $1.02
200-249 $1.00
250-499 $0.98
500-799 $0.94
800+ $0.92

Loaded and empty dispatched miles are based upon the current version of the Rand McNally Household Movers’ Guide.

Note: For dispatches greater than 800 miles there is not an increase in the mileage rate because the railroads have depressed long haul truck rates. As a business owner, your competition is other truck operators and the railroads. Currently, the market simply does not support an increase in the 800 plus mileage band. We will continue to monitor the market and will make adjustments if and when appropriate.

Additional Pay & Perks:
  • Longevity bonus: contractors who stay continuously leased on with Swift receive a progressive bonus per mile after the first three years of service
  • Base plate licensing and permits are provided
  • $35 for each additional drop/pick on multi-stop loads (after the first)
  • 100% of lumpers fees, if required, are paid
  • Contractors are insured while under dispatch by Swift Transportation
  • Tolls are reimbursed

* Mileage pay based on Rand McNally's Household Mover's Guide shortest route.

Swift Benefits

As an Owner Operator with Swift, you will be a small business owner partnering with a $3 billion trucking industry leader. As such, you will receive strong support in making your business successful and in making your life rewarding.

Swift will provide you with the following health benefits through preferred providers:

  • Medical (PPOs & HMOs)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life
  • AD&D

You will have the choice of scheduled limited medical benefits.

My Health Pass

My Health Pass offers contractors a large selection of products focused on the specific needs of the independent owner operator.

Some of the products offered are:

  • Assistance with understanding Healthcare Reform
  • Telemedicine – Speak with a medical professional 24/7
  • Major Medical
  • Limited Medical
  • Dental
  • Disability
  • Accident Insurance
  • Life Insurance

To learn more about these and other valuable contractor programs, call 866-613-6000 or visit www.myhealthpass.com

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